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Business Automation

Repetitive tasks and data transfers can be automated to free up your time. We can provide a business health check to identify areas of automation.

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How it works: 

  • We will walk through some of your regular tasks and map out what is done each time you do them. 

  • We can identify which things can be automated.

  • We set up the automations, and measure their effectiveness.

Examples of things we have automated for clients: 

  • Pushing website leads straight into Salesforce

  • Post to Facebook directly from a Google Sheet

  • Setting up reminders to clients to pay their invoices

Tools we use: 

First and foremost, we try to utilise the tools you already have. Platforms like Slack have in built automations that we can use. 

For more complex automations, we can help you set up Zapier which acts as the link between pretty much any application that you have. Or we can code automations directly within your CRM. 

What will it cost? 

Of course, it will depend on what you are looking to automate and how complex it is. We also like to work on a few automations in one go to make it more cost effective. 

Our typical charge is £100+VAT per hour (slightly higher if you require complex coding) and we would generally work in 4-hour blocks. In this time you could expect to achieve 3-5 standard automations. For a formal quote, and a no-commitment discussion, please get in touch below. 


We offer a free 2-hour health check where we can discuss what you do and how you do it, and send you a complimentary summary of our recommendations. 

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