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Free Health Check

We can come and visit you (or have a Zoom call) to run through your business, the systems and processes you use, and your growth plans. With this information we can make some recommendations on how you can streamline your business through process improvements and/or automation. 

Magnifying Glass

How it works: 

  • We will ask some questions about your business and discuss what you are trying to do and achieve

  • We will learn about how you currently do things, what your team or colleagues do, and what systems you use

  • We will make some suggestions on how you can reach your goals without needing to hire extra headcount

Examples of things we have recommended for clients: 

  • Use Slack canvases to store staff onboarding information 

  • Put in place a business continuity plan 

  • Identify a list of 10 business critical processes and have them all mapped out 

What will it cost? 

Our 2-hour health check is complimentary and involves 2 hours of discussions with the relevant team members. After the session we will send you a document with our recommendations. This is ideal for smaller companies, up to around 30 employees. 

A more in-depth discovery can be booked in from just £199+VAT for 4 hours and is recommended for companies with more than 30 employees. 

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