My Businesses

My businesses, whilst separate from each other, all connect in one way or another.  Click on each one below to find out more about them.  


The Small Business Admin Network is a community for small businesses and startups who might need some direction in setting up processes and procedures for the first time

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Gifts For Assistants

A selection of fantastic gifts for your Admin Assistants, Office Managers, and Executive support staff, including mugs, pens and phone cases

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A directory of small businesses and craft fairs, Bookastall aims to bring together craft fair organisers and small business owners who make and sell crafts and gifts. 


Yvette Pearson Research

Working with companies, I devise and analyse admin surveys and questionnaires to help gather vital information on how your administrative teams are performing. We use this data to improve their efficiency, work/life balances, and effectiveness. 

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