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I train assistants. Having been an assistant for many years myself, I know that your team of EAs are an untapped resource. With a little training, they can transform your business. 

I can offer a training package to suit your individual requirements. From 1-1 sessions, to groups of up to 50, there is definitely something I can help you with. 

From a 1-hour seminar-type session, to a 1-2 day workshop with your entire admin team, I will work with you to find out exactly what you need. 


Remember, a training session won't solve all issues - if I think you need something other than a training session, I will recommend that.  

Contact me for a quick discovery call to see if we can work together. 

Training Options

I can tailor my training packages to meet your requirements. Here is a selection of the kind of thing I can offer

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