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I help businesses tell stories with data. I learn what a business's customer base is interested in, and work with the company to utilise data to tell the stories. 

What is the data telling us? Why might it not be what we thought? Perhaps a press article has caused a stir in your industry and you want to put out a response? I can help with all of that. 

Sometimes we start with a survey to gather the data in the first place. Sometimes businesses already have the data but don't know where to start. 

Is a report the right thing? Would your customers even read it? Would the data be better off in chunks for use in a social media campaign or newsletter?

I also conduct research for copy writing projects and can help your business put out the RIGHT message to build and grow your business. 

I'm there to take a step back and understand the basic NEED of the business and it's customers. 

Take a look at my portfolio for some of the things I have worked on. 

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