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Process Mapping Workshop

Sometimes all you need is someone to come into your office and facilitate a workshop to map out your processes. 


What I will need from you: 

  • Time from the people who are involved in the process (in most cases, a full customer journey can be mapped in a couple of hours, with a break in the middle)

  • Ideally a room to fit everyone in (remote is not ideal for this kind of exercise, but I can facilitate if getting people together is impossible)

  • Lots of post-its and a whiteboard

  • A point of contact for reviewing the process map

What you will get: 

  • A full process map delivered in your preferred document type (I prefer LucidChart, but can do it in PowerPoint or Google Slides if necessary)

  • A couple of rounds of iterations in case something isn't quite right 

  • Business Critical processes identified 

  • Any potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies highlighted 

How long will it take? 

Generally I'll need between half a day to a day (depending on the complexity and number of the process) with the relevant people in your team, and I will be able to deliver your process map within three business days. We can be all done within a week! 

What will it cost? 

The more complex the process, the more of my time you will need. I also find that the more complex the process, the more iterations and updates that are needed. So please do reach out so I can give you a firm quote. As a ballpark, an average session will be around £900 + VAT (plus any travel expenses if required). 

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