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  • Yvette Pearson

"Just" An Assistant

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

silhouette office workers in front of post-it note boards of tasks
We might not be seen, but people always have a list of things for us to do

Are you "just" a PA, EA or Office Manager? Have you ever been asked what you're "really" going to do, or when you will move on to "start your career"?

Well let me tell you, there's nothing "just" about your role at all.

You "just" booked those flights, hotel and transfers for your salesperson to meet that client and close that deal.

You "just" took that call from an angry customer and calmed them down before passing them onto your colleague to help them.

You "just" sourced an amazing venue for your team's offsite where they strategized about the future of the company.

You "just" took the notes at that meeting which were later used as evidence in a litigation process.

You "just" saved all that deal documentation in a formal file structure so when the next round of investors came in to do their due diligence, they could find everything .

You "just" documented your company's sales process so when the auditors came in, they understood everything better than your team do.

Without you being on the top of your game, your company has a massive hole in it.

So often our role is thankless. We often don't get any recognition until something goes wrong when we're not there.

There's a massive amount of effort that goes into making something look effortless. There's no "just" about anything that we do.

"Just" managing your boss's inbox with 4000 emails a day?

"Just" coordinating travel for a dozen people at any one time and they all change at the last minute?

"Just" organising your company's three offices to have an offsite at the same time?

You "just" managed to get a table at the restaurant your boss likes, even though it's full until next year.

You "just" organised your boss's anniversary present so his husband didn't think he'd forgotten. Again.

You "just" had some spare tights in your drawer when your boss got a ladder in hers right before she had to go into a Board meeting.

You "just" save the day.

You "just" manage everyone.

You "just" know what to do.

Your boss is "just" an executive. You will have many of them over the years. They will have "just" one you.

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