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With nearly 20 years' experience in various organisations - from blue chip financial services to scale up aerospace - I can help map out your business functions and identify where you can improve.


Once you can see your starting point, you can identify bottlenecks, inaccurate or unhelpful reporting, and highlight areas of improvement. 

Once you have clear and scalable processes, your business can grow with fewer people and perform more efficiently. 


Process Mapping

Get a comprehensive map of every process you run within your organisation. To be more efficient, you need to have a clear view of your starting point. From there you can identify where you can improve



Implement process changes within your organisation and ensure you are getting the right metrics to allow you to see if you are on track to meet your goals.



Make sure your Corporate Strategy is aligned throughout your organisation. Ensure all objectives feed into the strategy, and the right things are measured


CRM Management

Is your CRM aligned with your business goals? Are you getting useful information out of it? Is good information being put into it in the first place?

I offer a Process Mapping Workshop where I can come into your company and sit with your teams to map out your customer or client journey. 

Starting with Lead Generation, and finishing with Offboarding, we cover every step involved in winning and servicing your clients and customers. 

I'll then send you a full Process Map in a format that works for your company. 

Get in touch below to discuss how this can work for you. 

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