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About Me

I started my career as an estate agent before taking a role at a stockbroking firm. I've worked my way through Investment Banks, Asset Management firms, SME Lending and lastly Aerospace. 

I've set up international operations teams, implemented cross-departmental CRMs and managed operational management forums. 

I know when nothing short of Best In Class will do, and I know when "good enough" is more than enough. 

I've helped companies through periods of high growth, changes in senior leadership, and fundraising. 

I've worked from the bottom, all the way to the Board tables. I know how decisions made at one end of the company can have a huge impact on a seemingly unrelated team. 

I'm the person who single-handedly implemented Salesforce within an organisation, and the person who has a Christmas Spreadsheet.

Reach out to me today and lets have a chat to see how we can work together. But don't ask me to meet for a coffee. I hate coffee. 

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