Yvette Pearson


I have a 16-year career history spanning global blue-chip firms, start-ups, scale-ups and mid-sized companies. Currently working as Chief of Staff within Aerospace, running Global Sales Operations. 
I speak across the world on various topics. I have chaired conferences, been part of online conferences, and been the keynote speaker at exhibitions. I also love speaking on panels with my peers
I can come into your organisation and capture the attention and imagination of your assistants to help them rise to any challenge you or your business may throw at them. 
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Body Language in the Office

In an office environment, it’s incredibly valuable to understand some key body language signs when dealing with managers, subordinates, peers, colleagues or external clients. After this session you will be able to position people around a room in a way that makes the shy more comfortable and the confident a little quieter. You will notice the signs of people who are bored or who just really want to leave the room, and be able to direct the meeting accordingly.

Data and the Support Role

Part of working in a support function means that we help the Executive team to make their decisions. 

Gathering and analysing data can be a daunting prospect - for even the most savvy of assistants. 
Yvette can take your admin team some of the key basics of using data to help make decisions, and to aid process implementation. 

If you are concerned about your assistants not being used to their full potential, Yvette can change all of that in just one session. 

Transferable Skills of a PA

Yvette spent nearly 15 years working in Executive Assistant and Office Management roles, before moving on to a Chief of Staff role in a completely different industry. Learn first hand which skills she learned as a PA that meant she was given this opportunity, and which skills allowed her to pick up the role so quickly and effectively.